Episode 3: Being Truly Authentic with June Sory

We are blessed to have June Sory join us for Episode 3 of the podcast. She is a Counselor and Clinical Mental Health Counselor with 20 years of experience working with individuals and couples. Our conversation with June touches on many topics that are pertinent to “these times.” Primarily, it shines a light on a few challenges of midlife. She has great insight and her down-to-earth manner will put you at ease. Grab a cuppa or glassa and join us for Episode 3 of Being Truly.

Episode Highlights:

  • “Now we’re starting to say, ‘Wait a minute. All of this we have is a gift and we have to be grateful for it.'” 5:08
  • “Our childhood writes our software.” 13:51
  • “Love will not sustain a relationship. We have to nurture it, pay attention to it, take care of it.” 19:53
  • “Who’s the dude who wrote that rule? And why don’t we have a conversation with him about whether or not that’s working for you.” 26:30
  • “Because we are caretakers, we will give up self for others constantly… Self care is not selfish.” 29:02
  • “Give yourself permission to be you. Because you’re the best at being you.” 31:28

About June:

June Sory is a psychotherapist and counselor based in West Palm Beach, FL.  She is a member of the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC), the American Counseling Association (ACA), and the Association for Marriage and Family Therapists (AMFT).  She is nationally certified as a Counselor and Clinical Mental Health Counselor and licensed by the states of CT and FL.


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