Episode 11: The Crossover Episode

It’s a crossover event! On April 20th, the longest and shortest running Episcopal podcasts* took over Middle Way at the Church of Bethesda-By-The-Sea in Palm Beach, Florida. Listen as Popping Collars co-hosts, Greg Knight and Betsy Carmody, join us, Eli and Laura, to discuss how podcasting has informed the way we think about faith and […]

Episode 10: Being Truly at Rest with Michelle Diffenderfer

Today’s episode features Michelle Diffenderfer, a woman who wears many hats, from a wife and mother of two teen girls, to an entrepreneur/President of her law firm, and co-chair of West Palm Beach Mayor’s Task Force for Racial and Ethnic Equality. In her busy life, she’s found a balance of rest and adventure as a […]

Episode 9: Being Truly Willing with Christian Taylor

Christian Taylor, Co-host of the Holy Post Podcast weaves stories. In this episode, she shares tales of her life’s adventures and how they led her to jump whole-heartedly into creating a documentary (which she had never done before) about a French girl’s celebration, along with many other characters, of D-Day in Normandy–All because she was […]

Episode 8: Being Truly Intentional with Eli & Laura

Lent isn’t just another New Year’s resolution. It’s all about intention. On this episode, Laura treats listeners to Lenten history complete with “Fun Facts.” The women share some of their Lenten routines of the past and Eli teaches a prayer practice that you can actually PRACTICE through listening to the podcast. Episode Highlights: “This is […]

Episode 7: Being Truly Whole with Tiffany VanDeMark

Tiffany VanDeMark is a delightfully inspiring and sassy woman who is thriving in mid-life. In this episode, Tiffany shares parts of her life’s journey of being in an abusive marriage. She shares her story to let others know they are not alone; they are not the only one. Listen as she shares some of how […]

Episode 6: Being Truly Anti-Racist with Jamie Robinson

Jamie, back for the second half of her life story, shares with us the loves of her life, her black family. We know this is not an easy topic. Both Eli and Laura found the conversation to be enlightening, spiritual, comforting and challenging. What more could we hope for…on this episode, we hear that it’s […]

Episode 5: (We are Still) BeingTruly

  Eli and Laura are finally back at it. Podcasting every fortnight (look it up) with some cool folks. During this episode, the two chat about why they were gone, how Christmas was different this year, and how they are navigating the new year. Come on in and be true. Episode Highlights: “New Year’s is […]

Episode 4: Being Truly Well with Jamie Robinson

Jamie Robinson is Bipolar, but she is so much more. One of the most inspiring mid-life women Eli knows and counts as a friend. In this episode (which we recorded three times and still haven’t been able to get the complete audio), we’ll explore Jamie’s life with a mental health disorder and how she has […]

Episode 3: Being Truly Authentic with June Sory

We are blessed to have June Sory join us for Episode 3 of the podcast. She is a Counselor and Clinical Mental Health Counselor with 20 years of experience working with individuals and couples. Our conversation with June touches on many topics that are pertinent to “these times.” Primarily, it shines a light on a […]

Episode 2: Being Truly Free with Anna LeBaron

Anna LeBaron is the author of The Polygamist’s Daughter: A Memoir, the story of her life in and escape from a violent polygamist cult led by her father. In this episode, Eli and Laura talk with Anna about the trials and abuse she endured during those years and how her escape at the age of […]


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