Episode 6: Being Truly Anti-Racist with Jamie Robinson

Jamie, back for the second half of her life story, shares with us the loves of her life, her black family. We know this is not an easy topic. Both Eli and Laura found the conversation to be enlightening, spiritual, comforting and challenging. What more could we hope for…on this episode, we hear that it’s ok to fail but we MUST be on the anti-racist journey. Jamie is kind,  compassionate, and serious about her life’s calling. Please take the time to listen. It’s worth the time. Thanks so much for joining us for this poignant episode.

Episode Highlights:

  • “Everybody doesn’t have the same advantages. In fact, people are disadvantaged by our advantages.” 5:13
  • “Believe people when they tell you what they are experiencing. It is often traumatic, it is persistent, it is life-long trauma.” 16:16
  • “That’s why it’s not useful to stay in the shame place because look at all of this – there’s so much to learn, come together, and hope, and healing. I mean, there’s all of that, too!” 25:43
  • “You gotta run with your allies.” 35:46
  • “Silence is not neutral. Neutral isn’t a thing. You’re contributing to pain. Period.” 39:37

About Jamie:

Jamie lives just outside of Boston with her husband, Jay, and kids, Grace
(13) and Tyson (12). She has been a disability rights activist for 25 years and is a national trainer for equal opportunity and nondiscrimination in employment for the National Disability Institute. With a MA degree in Deaf Studies, Jamie is fluent in American Sign Language and has been a part of the Deaf community for 20 years. Five years ago, she founded DEAFinitely, a non-profit organization that empowers Deaf and hearing youth from multi-lingual, cultural, racial, and socio-economic diversity to spark social change through dance and American Sign Language. While she has been a member of a black family for 17 years now, her personal anti-racism awareness and work began in earnest when her children first became the targets of racism as young children and have only accelerated since the murder of George Floyd. She is a passionate advocate and ally for all of the communities her life touches and who touch and teach her.


Music arranged by and available for purchase from Kate Eaton. Used with permission.

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