Episode 5: (We are Still) BeingTruly


Eli and Laura are finally back at it. Podcasting every fortnight (look it up) with some cool folks. During this episode, the two chat about why they were gone, how Christmas was different this year, and how they are navigating the new year. Come on in and be true.

Episode Highlights:

  • “New Year’s is a reset point. And it’s nice that everyone around you is kind of having that same reset point. That makes a huge difference.” 14:10
  • “When you’re in the middle of it, you can’t always see why or see how but you look back and you’re like, ‘Oh my goodness!'” 21:18
  • “My goals were becoming my regrets.” 25:00
  • “Water doesn’t agitate itself.” 27:56
  • “Your body carrie that [trauma] in its cells.” 36:12
  • “There’s no ‘happened’ in this.” 44:54


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