Episode 8: Being Truly Intentional with Eli & Laura

Lent isn’t just another New Year’s resolution. It’s all about intention. On this episode, Laura treats listeners to Lenten history complete with “Fun Facts.” The women share some of their Lenten routines of the past and Eli teaches a prayer practice that you can actually PRACTICE through listening to the podcast.

Episode Highlights:

  • “This is why in the Book of Common Prayer Sundays during Lent are referred to as ‘The First Sunday IN Lent.’ They are in Lent but not of Lent… just as we are in the world but not of it.” 9:28
  • “‘Quarantine’ actually means ‘forty days of isolation. And so Lent and Quarantine are the same thing… we have been in perpetual Lent.” 14:13
  • “I miss cheese.” 24:19
  • “My mid-life spirituality and my Lenten practices are giving me more permission to just screw it up.” 48:28


Music arranged by and available for purchase from Kate Eaton. Used with permission.

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