Episode 9: Being Truly Willing with Christian Taylor

Christian Taylor, Co-host of the Holy Post Podcast weaves stories. In this episode, she shares tales of her life’s adventures and how they led her to jump whole-heartedly into creating a documentary (which she had never done before) about a French girl’s celebration, along with many other characters, of D-Day in Normandy–All because she was truly willing.

Episode Highlights:

  • “That journey in itself – being married for 28 years, having children – really stretched me.” 17:44
  • “When I feel the Lord is speaking to me, I move forward in faith knowing that He will continue either opening the doors or He will close them.” 25:35
  • When we are in the vine and we are producing fruit, what happens? He cuts us. He prunes us. It’s painful. What happens to a tree that doesn’t bear any fruit? He destroys it, right? Cuts it down. Also painful. Both are painful. What pain are we going to choose? 36:10

About Christian:

Christian Taylor is an actress, voice over artist, producer, writer, director, wife, and mother. Originally from HGTV’s now famous Home Town of Laurel, MS, Christian began her career as an actress performing and touring around the country in productions ranging from Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing to an adaptation of Orwell’s Animal Farm.  As a voice over artist, she can be heard on television, radio and internet commercials, audio books, corporate videos, documentaries, or video games and owns Taylor Productions, an entertainment production company. She and her husband of 28 years, Jeremy, now call Wheaton, IL home and raised their four boys there. That is also where she met VeggieTales creator, Phil Vischer, and pastor/ writer, Skye Jethani, and where they began The Holy Post podcast in 2012. Christian’s most recent venture is the creation of the documentary film, The Girl Who Wore Freedom, which tells of a love story between the people of Normandy, France and the American GIs who liberated them on D-Day through their embodiment of the American values of freedom, liberty, and the defense of the poor and oppressed. It is a love story that continues to this day.


Music arranged by and available for purchase from Kate Eaton. Used with permission.

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