Episode 11: The Crossover Episode

It’s a crossover event! On April 20th, the longest and shortest running Episcopal podcasts* took over Middle Way at the Church of Bethesda-By-The-Sea in Palm Beach, Florida. Listen as Popping Collars co-hosts, Greg Knight and Betsy Carmody, join us, Eli and Laura, to discuss how podcasting has informed the way we think about faith and life.

*don’t quote me (Laura) on this, but it is probably true… it feels true

About Popping Collars:

A podcast where priests, pastors, ministers, and religious thinkers from around the country make meaning about what people are binge watching, tweeting about, trolling on message boards, and celebrating on blogs.

Episode Highlights:

  • “We had similar calls to nothing.” 2:11
  • “My podcast hosts… are my colleague group.” 10:04
  • “I see the podcast as an extension of my social group, in a way, and so I go, what do I want to talk with my friends about that I’m not hearing them talk about that I know we want to talk about?” 18:24
  • “It’s all about incorporation, right? It’s not about box over here with Jesus and box over here with rest of life. All of this stuff is linked together.” 20:24
  • “The thing that I love about the podcast is being able to talk with my friends, my smart friends, and hearing them say smart things.” 23:51


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